HouseBox is an analog soundmastering professional studio and a distribution company (vinyl only). We make also music for films and games. Our specialists has been an Audio Engineers for nearly 20 years, master all genres of music () and has worked with many record labels.

Our mastered audio continuously reaches all corners of the globe through licensing, broadcasts and magazine reviews. Our masters have received accolades such as ‘Album of the Month’ from global dance magazines and been licensed to worldwide compilation brands such as Gatecrasher, Dream Dance and Trance Nation. They’ve been played live at festivals with crowds of 20000+ people and broadcast to millions of listeners from stations such as Radio 1, Kiss FM, Galaxy, Sunshine and many, many more!

Mastering is the most underrated and vitally important final stage in the CD/Vinyl/Digital production. It’s the last creative step and the first technical step of relaying your music to the listener, regardless of release or broadcast format.

The Technical side for example: We will clean up your mixes of unwanted artifacts (like clicks, noise,hiss etc.), fade ins and outs of the tracks, setting of the individual pause length and to assure a technically correct master which contains all necesary data (PQ-Codes, ISRC codes, CD text and more) and has been checked by us for errors. These are only a few steps of the technical steps during the mastering process.

Here’s a short summary of our Mastering Features:

– Importing /recording the audio material from CD-ROM
– Level-Optimizing to 0dB
– Reordering of the title running order and setting of track ID..s (PQ-Coding)
– Fade In / Fade Out
– Mixing (f.e. Mix-Compilation)
– Cleaning and setting of individual pause length
– EQ-Shaping
– Compression and limiting for optimizing the dynamic range
– Stereo-image-processing
– Enhancing
– Phasecorrection
– CD -Text* Insert (if wanted)
– CD-burning in Red-Book or Blue-Book-Standard
– Listening-Control of the master made by us